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21 Years in the Making!

The Past
Classic Cabs is the essence of a local & family business, set up by Michael O'Brien & his partner Tony Sheehan.

Michael himself retired from his job of decades with Dublin City Council to find in fact he wasn't ready to retire at all, so he went and set up Classic Cabs with his partner. Today Classic Cabs still operate in the same premises and 21 years on nothing has changed and yet everything has changed.


Michael ran Classic Cabs for 10 years before handing over the reins to his daughter Fiona and her husband Peter in 2002, and today they are joined in the business by their daughter Sarah-Jane and many members of the family and extended family.

When you speak to Fiona Gilligan, you are speaking with generations of family's involved in the taxi business. Fiona says family business is great because they all understand what it means to the family to work hard every day and to deliver for the customers. From Michael to Fiona & Peter to Sarah-Jane, this family business has grown to become a fabric of the local community, working with business, schools, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and general public to name but a few.


According to Fiona, they have seen huge changes in the industry over the last 15 to 20 years from the deregulation of the taxi's, to the introduction of new technology especially over the last 4 to 5 years. It's funny says Fiona, with all the Apps, GPS, online bookings, the essence has not changed it's about moving our clients from one place to another wherever they want to go to. Like my Dad did in his time, we focus on the fundamentals, getting the right car with the right driver to the right place at the right time. The rest takes care of itself. The one thing that hasn't changed over the years is looking after the customer no matter what else.

The Present Fiona says that they have held their own throughout the recession and continue to look at new ways to take care of the customers. A considerable time, effort and funds has been spent and will continue to spend making the software most sophisticated in the country which will allow responding to customers, quickly and accurately. For example when you book a taxi, a text is sent to you when the car arrives, detailing the reg and all the drivers' details. This gives great comfort and re-assurance to our customers. Furthermore all the cars & drivers work off the latest smartphones which link to the computer system and allows them GPS real time information on where they are needed, quickly and efficiently.


According to Fiona, all account customers love the fact that they can get a full breakdown of every single job from who ordered the car, times, routes or even maps if requested, they also love that our technology is as good as any on the market today.

The Future

The future for Classic Cabs is in the locality and Classic Cabs would like to thank all the businesses and customers who help them to keep our local business and local drivers a real force in Baldoyle and beyond.

The focus in the future is to take the philosophy of the past – look after the customers better than anyone else and match it with all the modern technology has to offer. Classic Cabs pride themselves for constantly keeping up with feedback from the clients, about what they want and need. And as a result of this, in the coming months they will be rolling out taking card payment in all the cars.

In addition, Classic Cabs will be offering new Minibus services. These will offer 14, 18, 24 & 30 seater minibuses. Whether its golf trip, or a group night out, Classic Cabs will be able to cater for all your transport needs. We are introducing our new consumer app. You can now track your car live and pay by credit card all on your mobile. Download our app now from itunes or the app store.

Technology may change, but our philosophy will always remain the same – the main priority is the customer.

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